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Retention, Inc. is a market research consulting firm. We provide research and analytics solutions to identify growth and optimization opportunties along the customer decision journey.

Our experience spans research support for successful new product development in large global categories to optimizing integrated cross-channel digital campaigns with significant marketing spend.

Our clients are in diverse sectors and have included Pepsico, Absoult, The New York Times, IFF, Shutterstock, and we have also worked on the businesseses of LG Electronics, McDonald's, and Burger King among others.

Pillars of Integrated Insights

We provide synergistic research, analytics, and knowledge discovery services for integrated insights development

Foundational Insights Development

We utilize an evidence-based information synthesis methodology and a proprietary insight mining tool, to "connect the dots" across sources, to develop topic-specific foundational insights (deep dives).

These comprehensive insights help understand market opportunities, and customer profiles and decision journeys.

Market Research

We have extensive experience in primary market research, much of that on the corporate side, in diverse sectors such as CPG, Media, Fast Food, and others.

Our experience includes a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods for both new product development and established brand growth.

Digital Analytics

Our digital analytics practice focuses on building and implementing measurement and tracking plans for integrated digital campaigns involving social, web, email, and select offline channels, for in-campaign optimization and ROI evaluation.

We also have experience with email marketing automation and CRM systems, and content marketing for B2B channels.

Marketing Analytics

Our marketing analytics service focuses on sales and CRM data analytics, and evaluating ROI of marketing programs. We have extensive experience in advanced analytics of syndicated data (IRI/Nielsen) in CPG category, familiarity with common classification and prediction algorithms for large data sets, and experience with text analytics.

Knowledge Discovery

We serve as business analysts to develop technology-enabled knowledge solutions for Research and R&D departments, designed to leverage existing in-house knowledge and data assets. These include knowledge management, discovery (including text analytics), and business intelligence solutions.


Our work spans foundational insights development, market research, marketing and digital analytics, and building technology-enabled knowledge solutions for Research and R&D departments.


We have worked on businesses of large and mid-sized companies in diverse sectors


Our team of operating management and advisors, have significant breadth and depth of experience in market research and analytics.

Shailender Khitri

Managing Partner

Shailender has 20 years experience in market research and analytics on corporate and agency sides.

Al Mercado

Senior Research Consultant

Al has significant background in market research and quality assurance in Life Sciences, Chemicals, and online sectors.

Dr. Michael Bass, Ph.D.


Dr. Bass has over 25 years of experience in consumer and B2B market research and has held senior positions with Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Sanal Mazvancheryl, Ph.D.


Prof. Mazvancheryl is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University, and also has several years of professional experience in brand management and advertising.