Insights for growth

Retention, Inc. is a market research consulting firm with a focus on developing evidence-based integrated insights to create strong value proposition and a frictionless customer experience, at market and segment level.

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Integrated Insights

We "connect the dots" across internal and external information sources, and mine for differentiated insights, to develop indepth and holistic insights across the path to purchase. Our work is enabled by a proprietary insight mining tool, InsightsBase.

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Our primary and secondary research, and marketing and digital analytics consulting services, help fill knowledge gaps in the development of integrated insights. We also provide research project-management consulting support if your team is short-staffed.

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About Us

We have extensive experience in market research, much of that on the corporate side, in diverse sectors such as CPG, Media, Fast Food, and others. We also have extensive technology background, particularly in development of knowledge management applications.

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