Software-Enabled Evidence Based Information Synthesis

Evidence-based deep dives for foundational insights development

We provide a framework, an evidence based synthesis process, and a proprietary insight mining tool to distill existing knowledge estate into topic-based integrated insights.

These topics are selected based on business objectives such as comprehensively understanding customer decision journeys (offline and digital), identifying market and white space opportunities, improving product and customer experience, developing shopper insights that integrate consumer, customer and brand needs, demonstrating thought leadership for business development, and developing marketing best practices.

These foundational insights are delivered in a format that enables easier socialization of the insights within the organization for more informed day-to-day decision making.

We know that synthesizing information from existing projects is a terrific way to glean new, differentiated insights.

Corporate Executive Board:Cross-project synthesis

In a strategic insights organization, there is a focus on synthesized insights across sources.

Boston Consulting Group:Build best-in-class insights capabilities.

Data Integration/Synthesis is interesting because it is both mechanical and intellectual, is creative in both regards, and yields insights that are strategic – something most MR rarely does.

Cambiar LLC:Research Transformation – Are We on the Right Track? Cambiar Quarterly, Winter 2016.


We utilize an evidence-based methodology, narrative synthesis, and a technology-enabled analytic process implemented using a proprietary insight mining tool, to transform existing knowledge estate into high impact business building ideas.

We integrate and mine topic-specific information from a wide range of internal and external sources, to develop deeper and more holistic insights than possible with traditional information synthesis. These insights serve as a foundation for developing actionable growth ideas

We also provide market research and analytics consulting services to fill gaps within existing knowledge estate, leveraging our extensive experience in corporate market research, marketing analytics and technology.


Structured methodology for insights Integration
Insight Mining
Knowledge Enhancement


Insight Discovery and Depth
Transform research into synthesized topic based reports for faster decision making
Quicker response to ad-hoc information requests
Reduced duplication and higher ROI on research investment

Use Cases

Socialization of foundational insights
Segment level journey mapping for opportunity idenfication and shopper marketing
White space identification
Global research synthesis
Identifying what works - best practices synthesis
Thought leadership