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Retention, Inc. is an analytics and market research consulting firm. We provide digital analytics, advanced analytics, and market research solutions to identify growth and optimization opportunites.

Our clients are in diverse sectors and have included Pepsico, Absoult, The New York Times, IFF, Shutterstock, and we have also worked on the businesseses of LG Electronics, Pfizer, Old Navy, Bayer, McDonald's, and Burger King among others.

Pillars of Integrated Insights

We provide synergistic digital analytics, marketing analytics, and market research services for integrated insights development.

Digital Analytics

Our digtital analytics practice focuses on measurement, tag implementation, and optimization intitiatives for brand sites and digital campaigns.

We also provide digital data advanced analytics services for model-based segmentation and attribution.

Advanced Analytics

We measure marketing performance and understand customer behavior, through advanced analysis of marketing, sales, customer, and transactional data.

Our advanced analytics services are supported by solid data science and technology background.

Market Research

We have extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods. We conduct end-to-end online research studies in-house.

We also provide solutions for building knowledge management systems for market research departments.


We have worked on businesses of large and mid-sized companies directly or as consultants for digital, media, and advertising agencies


Our work spans digital analytics, advanced analytics, market research, and building technology-enabled knowledge solutions. See case studies


Our team of operating management and advisors, have significant breadth and depth of experience in market research and analytics.

Shailender Khitri

Principal Consultant

Shailender has 20 years experience in market research, digital analytics, and advanced analytics.

Al Mercado

Senior Consultant

Al has 15+ years experience in market research, data science, and quality assurance in diverse industries.

Vivian Song

Senior Consultant

Vivian has 10 years experience in research and moderating across industries and cultures.

Suresh Divakar, Ph.D.

Senior Analytics Advisor

Dr. Divakar has 25 years experience in Advanced Analytics, has held senior positions at Fortune 500 companies.