Mug Case Study

Market research

Case Study

  • BRAND:Mug Root Beer (Pepsico)
  • TYPE:Research for iconic package design

Mug Rootbeer needed an innovative marketing strategy given its limited marketing budget to compete with rivals with greater marketing spend. We were an integral part of the marketing team that developed an iconic package design.

A character based strategy was conceptualized to differentiate the brand. To develop and optimize this character needed an array of foundational learning, qualitative, and quantitative, research techniques to align the character to the brand and to the larger cultural context for break through appeal at shelf.

Package design changes occur frequently in soft drinks category, however the deep insight driven “Mug Dog” character has sustained many years, a testament to its commercial success.

Research Methods
Foundational insights development through existigng knowledge synthesis, Qualitative Research (multiple focus groups, in-depth interviews), Concept Tests (Quantitative), Packaging Test (Quantiative).

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