LG Signature Case Study

Integrated Digital Campaign Analytics

Case Study

  • BRAND:LG Signature
  • TYPE:Integrated Digital Campaign Analytics

We provided, through a digital agency, digital analytics reporting and implementation for LG Signature's digital campaign microsite.

Our work involved developing measurement plan, imlementation, and and analytics reporting across channels, including organic/paid social media, search, programmatic/display advertising, email, PR, and events.

We utilized Google and Adobe analytics suites, Google Tag Manager and Dynamic Tag Manager and custom JavaScript for event tracking, and advanced Excel, SQL, and Google Data Studio for reporting.

Traffic Sources
Organic/paid social posts (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest etc.), organic/paid social advertising (across same channels, with variety of ad units), organic/paid search, programmatic advertising, display, email campaign, PR, and traffic coming from offline channels (such as live events).

Tools and technologies
Google and Adobe Analytics/Omniture with bespoke tag managers (GTM/DTM), and custom JavaScript event tracking code in GA, and traffic and conversion custom variables in Omniture.
Analytics: Excel (pivot tables), Google Sheets, SQL, regular expressions.
Dashboard: Google Data Studio (similar to Tableau).
Social Media: Social Analytics from third-party reporting tool and native platforms.