Absolut Case Study

Marketing Analytics

Case Study

  • BRAND:Absolut
  • TYPE:ROI of in-store promotion

Absolut needed to understand the ROI of a store promotion, not just from a sales perspective, but also the consumer appeal. The company also needed to measure account sell-in and execution performance.

We designed a methodology that integrated variety of data sources - sales data, store audits, consumer research and sales force feedback to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of the promotion and evaluate the ROI.

This analysis also highlighted execution best practices to maximize account sell-in.

Program Components
Program specific custom racks (displays) in wine and spirits stores, case cards, mass end-isle display, recipe brochure, shelf talkers, coupons, media components (print ads), and local sales incentives.

Data Sources
Market audit data (to evaluate in-store execution), shipments and depletions data (sales data), syndiactated sales data from mass stores, coupon redemption data, media spend, survey of consumers, survey of sales force.