New York Times Case Study

Market Research - Segmentation Study

Case Study

  • BRAND:The New York Times
  • TYPE:Loyal Look-Alike Segmentation Study

The New York Times wanted to expand hard copy distribution from few major markets to across the nation. It needed a customer driven framework to prioritize the markets to expand into.

We were a part of a small strategic planning team at The New York Times, that crafted a loyal look-alike framework, to determine markets with high penetration of readers psychographically similar to current loyal leaders. This framework was implemented via a large national segmentation study, which was analyzed using a variety of multi-variate statistical methods.

The resulting analysis created a market prioritization for a successful national expansion, and also provided an analytical framework to optimize marketing to increase customer retention.

Key Studies
New York Metro Area Loyalty (Segmentation) Study, National Loyalty (Segmentation) Study, 100+ In-depth Interviews to understand root causes of reader attitudes and behaviors regarding The New York Times.

Key Analysis
Multi-variate analysis of survey data including factor and cluster analyses. Comprehensive profiles of loyal and like-minded readers, and strategies for operationalizing the findings from the study, and assessing loyalty affinity of current customers.