Rare Disease Prescription Drug
Case Study

Identifying true patients and related stakeholders within site visitors

Case Study

  • BRAND:Rare Disease Prescription Drug
  • TYPE:Digital Advanced Analytics for Model-Based Segmentation

A rare disease company’s prescription drug website has to cater to a variety of stakeholders such as patients, health care providers, caregivers, and insurers, and create engagement through relevant content designed to meet information needs of each stakeholder. Identifying stakeholders through site visitor data and understanding how well the site is addressing their information needs, requires capturing granular visitor journey data.

We audited current tags, implemented new tags, and build custom JavaScript tracking code within Google Analytics for session and timestamped event level data collection. We analyzed this data using affinity analysis to build and profile key audience segments. This work helps optimize site experience, improve visitor satisfaction, and evaluate ROI of acquisition channels.

Impelmentation, Analytics, and Tools
Custom javascript tags to collect session and timpestamped event level data, accessible in Google Analytics custom reporting.

Affinity analytics for model-based segmentation. Descriptive analytics to profile and validate segments.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Custom JavaScript Tags, R (data reshaping, advanced analytics, charting - ggplot2).