Large Pharma Microsite
Case Study

Reporting automation for large web analytics data sets

Case Study

  • BRAND:Large Pharma Micro-Site
  • TYPE:Reporting Automation for large Data Set

We utilized R/Excel/VBA to build dashboards for large datasets (200K+ rows of web analytics data) for a large pharmaceutical company’s micro-site. This was a more practical solution than traditional business intelligence solutions, such as QlikView, as Excel reports are easier to navigate and share by the business managers.

Large web analytics data sets typically have consistency and formatting challenges, as tagging schemas can change, and new tags added for data collection. We utilized R for data cleaning and reshaping, as latency for such operations is lower in R, particularly for large datasets.

Methodology and Tools
Data cleaning, de-duplicating, and reshaping.
Building dashboard from reshaped data.

R for data wrangling. Advanced Excel for Dashboard.